The Garden Orange, California

Started in early 2011.
The Garden consists of twin brothers Wyatt & Fletcher Shears.

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Track Name: Get Me My Blade
Create me
get up
and start to be
get me my blade
once i rise
you'll see

take my chance
i'm mixed up
nothing is clear
get me my blade
so i can create fear
Track Name: Make This A Challenge/ We Like You
Track Name: Spirit Chant
*Tribal Chants"
Track Name: Estamos Aqui
*Ghost Chants*
Track Name: Circles
Circles and circles and circles
yeah ill get sick
come forth to this sector cause its the best
ive got secrets
we've got plans
ive got darkness in my hand
i've got darkness in my hand
ive got darkness in my

Not one more word
another god damn mess
if you really paid attention to why and how
you would of figured out all of this by now
you look so lovely in your black dress
it's really too bad youre such a mess