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U Want The Scoop?

by The Garden

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Clay 02:45
kick this bucket / no fuckin’ way / i’m gonna mold this future / like we’re dealing with clay / pull your gun / i’m gonna pull my switch / like a pancake breakfast / we’re gonna own that shit / life is a puzzle / that you’ve got to enjoy / can’t be stupid / no fuck boy / we’ll get our chance / and prove em wrong / got these tokens / wait for the gong / / after all this time / we’ve gone this path / all the people that / have came and passed / it’s not over yet / at least i don’t think / better not be so / better not be so / acknowledge nothing / and move on past / it’s three o’ clock / so go back to bed / it’s just a joke / i can play along / after all / my makeup’s on /
because you own a couple towers / it’s not possession that makes the man / don’t ya’ know? / It’s not position that makes the woman / then you just won’t go / too many slugs in the white house / hangin’ with too many bugs in my house / taking their time in their escalades / making a mess with their sexcapades / what about the youth / what about the youth / now we’ve got to figure it out / because all you ancient split suckers / are gettin’ as old as their dead grandmothers / / I’m of the youth / being screwed / i see lots of people fighting / protesting in the streets / technology opens us up / we can show the rest of the world / we need to make a move / now here’s the pressing problem / / gun shot gun shot / on my apple product / slide the screen to the left / now you’re looking at prada / not aware of the full extent of drams / if it doesn’t happen to you / personal experience grants you an insight / to messed up world of these recent victims / rest in peace /
/ known to be sketchy in my recent past / Foot on the pedal / Red lights flash / Been caught by the black white 7 times / Keep it quiet keep it polite / Not havin luck with the dmv though / never showed up to check the dealio / Almost been jailed a number of times / But I got away / payed those fines / / Failure to appear in court / I changed that to my middle name / always gettin notes in the mail / I forget about em or I throw em away / Not a good habit I don't recommend it / I got fucked over license suspended / Payed those fines and now I'm broke / I think I learned my lesson but you never know / / Movin down south on interstate 10 / Suns goin down and I'm speedin again / Happy go lucky soon turns to dust / as the red lights flash to make the bust / Big boots closing in real fast / Here comes the question its gonna be a blast / How fast do really think you were goin ? / Yellow slip's mine and I keep on drivin / / I used to be good with cops / Convincing smile /relatable topics / I kinda know how it works / Pull to the side and work some magic / You can't always get away free though / Sometimes you just get the shortest stick / So many traits that I can't pick / Man this guys skull is thick / / "Gotta thick skull! Gotta thick skull gotta thick skull! / / Sorry about my speed back there / Its new car and I'm getting used to its pedal / Headed to a show a state away / I hope Im on time I'm sorry to say / / What kinda music do ya play son? / I play country sir and I'm proud to say / that it's the only kinda tune I listen to / I listen to Buck Owens everyday / / Well now you've admitted your wrongs / so I think I'll let you pass / You seem like a great guy / Polite mile and a great ass / Have a good day son /
All Access 02:23
/ turn your clock on / get your get your junk gone / turn your clock on / get your get your junk gone / staying up late / you wanna break dawn / staying up late / you won’t last long / / this shit takes some patience / forget about connects and regulations / in the end you’re on your own / better cook up something good while you’re home / / turn your clock on / get your get your junk gone / turn your clock on / get your get your junk gone / staying up late / you wanna break dawn / staying up late / you won’t last long / / all i ever hear is the same damn thing / i wonder why people say the same damn thing / i guess that kind of happens when you / live all access / breathe all access / / die all access /
/ you want the scoop? / yeah i got it baby / you want the scoop? / yeah i got it baby / / generic business man / you know he’s onto something / he looks like a normal man / but he’s something else / he’s from split / he’s tryin’ to tell you something / he’s from split / / so now you know / so now you know / if you see a picture of an old business man / yeah he’s from split / yeah he’s from split / if he looks like a latex mask then you know that he’s from split / / you want the scoop? / yeah we got it baby / you in the loop? / / yeah we doubt it baby / you wanna know about split? / yeah we got you baby / / bug under his costume body / he can’t wait to breathe again / shed that latex skin again / tired of shaking human hands / freeways train tracks / inner city grit / / split fucker tells you something / question that shit / you could smell his stench / form a mile away / probably driving past his billboard everyday / / advertise himself he’s getting into the system / travel back to split / / we go to fucking intercept him / / so many whips to the back / i think our skin might split / turn around hand oo whip / looks like someone from split / there it is you’ve got the scoop / this information is yours / no next time you’re on the road / / keep an eye out for split /


released March 3, 2017

ALL SONGS produced by:
Rob Schnapf

Recorded and mixed at:
Mant Studios

Mastered at:
Little Red Book Mastering

Cover Photo taken by:
Will Sopos

Thanks to everyone who have helped over the years - it takes time and effort and we dont take it for granted.

Special thanks to:
Family, Friends, Zoran Malceski,
Will Sopos, Jon Polk, Lee Johnson, Heather Estrada, Billy Williams-
Burrell, Will Church, Troy Lusk and
Epitaph - Worldwide.


all rights reserved



The Garden Orange, California

Started in early 2011.
The Garden consists of twin brothers Wyatt & Fletcher Shears.


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